The Project Science4Pandemics has launched a new educational game that aims to to educate adolescents on pandemic prevention and management through an engaging digital platform. Funded by EIT Health and developed by a consortium of health experts, researchers, data scientists and IT developers, the game promotes resource-management, decision-making skills and teamwork to generate behavioural change and better prepare adolescents for future pandemics.
The Science4PandemicsGame's central theme revolves around pandemic prevention and puts players in the shoes of doctors, researchers, journalists, budget managers, or mayors when faced with the outbreak of an unknown infectious agent. With five deadly infectious diseases - COVID, VIH, Cholera, Malaria, and Ebola - spreading rapidly, players must strategise and implement measures to contain the spread of the contagion such as finding a treatment, developing a vaccine, and promoting its adoption.
"We want young people to understand that everyone has a role to play in pandemic prevention, regardless of their background or profession," emphasized Begonya Nafria, the project’s PI. "Science4Pandemics Game provides valuable skills to help young people make informed decisions during a health crisis."
The game features multilingual support in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French, making it accessible to a European audience. With ten different scenarios set in different regions, players are immersed in the challenges faced by professionals during a pandemic outbreak. To keep players engaged, Science4Pandemics features four mini-games that will test players' understanding and skills.
The game has a multiplayer option, where players can team up with friends and colleagues. The first player initiates the game and invites the rest of the team, with each player starting in a different city. Cooperation and collaboration become essential as players work together to discover a vaccine and embark on a mission to vaccinate the entire population.
"Step into the shoes of a pandemic hero! Play Science4Pandemics Game and be part of the solution for a healthier future!"
Watch the tutorial video about how to play here
The game is now availablehere.