Science4Pandemics (S4P) is a three-year European project funded by EIT Health that aims to develop a digital platform to educate the public on the prevention and management of pandemics. Targeting the adolescent population in particular, we will use gamification and artificial intelligence (AI) for enhancing the public’s understanding of this field.

Digital gamification helps citizens to learn efficiently, while at the same time enabling them to become active providers of data on a voluntary basis. The digital platform will use AI algorithms to collect data that will allow researchers to learn from ordinary citizens (e.g. about symptomatology, horizontal and vertical disease spread, strains and behaviors) helping to improve research, preparedness and management of future pandemics.

The S4P consortium brings together experts with broad experience and knowledge that will allow accomplishing the activities and objectives defined for the project. It includes experts in gamification and scientific experts, with knowledge about pandemics, who will work together in the educational content of the platform and in citizen engagement. Data scientist and IT developers will work on the design of the digital solution and the case studies. Among others, business experts will also be part of the S4P consortium and will support the design of the scalability and sustainability of the S4P programme.

Through the S4P platform, we aim to empower society through an educational initiative that will also provide real-world data for collaborative research on pandemics.

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