The Science4Pandemics gameaims to educate adolescents on pandemic prevention and management through an engaging digital platform. By playing the simulation game, students learn how to contain and solve a disease spread, find a treatment, develop a vaccine, and promote its adoption

We are currently at the end of the development phase and looking for 250-300 young people aged 12-18 years old to participate in the playtesting of the game. This is a unique opportunity for students to learn through a game-based approach and develop their problem-solving skills.

To participate, students only need access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. During the online playtest sessions, students will play the simulation game in groups of up to 4. They will be given a goal to achieve and they will play together to achieve it. A member of the development team will be available to answer any questions or technical problems via a Discord channel. After playing the game, participants will complete a short online questionnaire to share their experiences and learnings. A Citizen Scientist Certificate Award will be given to participants who register and complete the questionnaires. 

Don't miss this opportunity to reflect and learn about the challenges we face in today's world. Register your school today!


- Monday 8 / Wednesday 10 / Friday 12 May

- Monday 15 / Wednesday 17 / Friday 19 May

- Tuesday 23 May/ Thursday 25 May

If the suggested days and times do not suit you, you can suggest another option and we will try to accommodate it with our research team.

Time:  Between 9h and 17h.

If you prefer to arrange a synchronous session through Zoom platform with our research team, specify it in the registration form. 

Once you have registered, our team will send you a confirmation email with instructions.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at for more information.