The Science4Pandemics project offers a series of free webinars, aimed at students aged 12-17, to bring citizen science into the classroom. 

During the coming months of March, April and May the project's research staff will offer a series of one-hour talks to present the project, introduce the concept of citizen science and explain why it is important for young people to participate in science.

During the talk, we will spend some time explaining one of the two citizen science studies we are conducting - on the acceptability of vaccines and the digitisation of clinical trials - and students will have the chance to answer a questionnaire. At the end, they will be able to ask our researchers any questions or doubts they may have about the topic. 

The talk will be held online (Zoom platform), so you will need an internet connection and a computer to join it. All students will need to have a device -computer, tablet or mobile phone- to be able to answer the questionnaire during the talk.

We want young people to help us do science!

Webinars in Catalan/Spanish - Register here

·       Thursday 16th March, 11-12h CET
·       Tuesday 21st March, 9-10h CET
·       Thursday 30th March, 10-11h CET
·       Tuesday April 11th, 12-13h CET
·       Thursday April 20th, 9-10h CET
·       Friday April 28th, 10-11h CET
·       Tuesday May 2nd, 10-11h CET
·       Thursday May 11th, 9-10h CET
·       Wednesday May 17th, 11-12h CET
·       Tuesday May 23rd, 10-11h CET
·       Tuesday May 30th, 2023, 9-10h CET

Webinars in English - Register here 

·       Tuesday 14th March from 11 to12h CET
·       Wednesday 22th March from 10 to 11h CET
·       Tuesday 28th March from 11 to 12h CET
·       Tuesday 11th April, from 10 to 11h CET 
·       Wednesday 19th April, from 10 to 11h CET 
·       Thursday 27th April, from 10 to 11h CET 
·       Thursday 4th May, from 9 to 10h CET 
·       Tuesday 9th May, from 10 to 11h CET 
·       Tuesday 16th May, from 9h to 10h CET 
·       Thursday 25th May, from 10 to 11h CET 
·       Tuesday 30th May, from 11 to 12h CET 

How can I register?
You can register using this form. You will be able to choose your preferred topic: vaccines or clinical trials. 

Foto de John Schnobrich. Unsplash.