On 7 and 8 July, the Science4Pandemics partners hold the first face-to-face meeting at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona, Spain, to share the progress of the project and discuss the challenges they face together

The first day started with a teambuilding activity that was followed with an online encounter with the S4P Advisory Board to present them the project, as well as update them on the progress of the digital platform development. The Advisory Board is made up of experts from the fields of education, science, business innovation, and patient representatives. The two citizen science proposals that are currently being developed –one on vaccine hesitancy and another one on digitisation of clinical trials- were also presented. The following sessions with the Consortium members were centred to discuss on the communication strategies to disseminate the citizen science activities. 

On the second day, the project partners discussed about the project's business plan, as well as the best channels to approach the young public and citizens in general, in order to amplify the project's reach. “We have interesting challenges in front of us, but together will make this a amazing initiative” concluded Begonya Nafria, principal investigator on the Project.