In an effort to cultivate scientific curiosity and guide students towards careers in pandemic management, Science4Pandemics organised the online event "Scientific vocations in a pandemic environment", which took place on 12-13 December. The event was attended by schools from different cities in Spain, Portugal and Italy. 

The conference started with the presentation "A pandemic has been detected! Professionals involved in management", where epidemiologist and ISGlobal researcher Quique Bassat provided valuable insights into the different scientific careers involved in pandemic management. 

Following this presentation, several vaccine-related health professionals - a researcher, a pharmacist and a nurse - and non-clinical professionals - a journalist, a data analyst and a bioethics expert - took part in two roundtable discussions, providing a first-hand understanding of the roles, functions and competencies of each professional profile in the management and handling of a pandemic. At the end of the event, researcher Quique Bassat answered several questions from schools about infectious diseases, epidemiology and pandemics. 

By combining educational resources, gamification and events like this, Science4Pandemics project aims to inspire young people and encourage their interest in scientific careers in a fun and educational way.

If you want to receive the recording of the conference and participate in the activity “Discovering the professional profiles involved in the management of a pandemic” you can register through this forms  (Spanish, Italian or Portuguese ) and you will receive the Teaching Unit to be able to implement it. The activity addressed to secondary students from 14 to 16 years old, is divided into different sessions. You can find more information about the activity in this informative brochure in Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.